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C o m m i s s i o n i n g

The majority of the furniture I make is designed and made for individual customers so each piece is a reflection of that person’s thoughts and aspirations. This is where the process of commissioning starts and concludes, with the customer.

Taking the individual requirements into careful consideration I try to find an appropriate form for each piece, fitting it to its surroundings and transferring expectations to reality. It is an exciting journey that develops from initial consultations through sketches of ideas to scale drawings and perhaps mock-ups and models allowing a true picture of the piece to be created.

As well as form the choice of materials will be discussed and the way the piece will be finished. The possibilities are unlimited, often subtleties and details evolve only when the wood is being shaped and formed. This is why individual commissions are such an adventure.

After the design is agreed I will ask for a deposit and then timber selection and cutting can begin. Customers are encouraged to visit the workshop and see their ideas being realised.

Please get in contact if you would like to talk about any projects. I am more than happy to discuss any aspect of furniture making and design.